The industry’s first full service artificial intelligence claims solution.

Today is the era of 'here and now’. Customers expect everything to be instant. Be it shopping, commuting or even dating.

Now think about the auto claims experience. Today globally over 100 million auto insurance claims are processed per year involving countless hand-offs & administrative bottlenecks. Resolution often takes days costing carriers tens of billions of dollars. Surely there must be a better way.

Using Claim Genius's patent-pending image analysis and predictive analytics tools, carriers can now provide instant damage estimates and rapid processing of claims based on uploaded accident photos from our easy to use mobile app, reducing claim expenses and time by 50%. Our goal is to reduce claims processing time, increase carrier profitability, and positively transform the claims experience for insurance customers worldwide.

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Processing Auto Claims Is Slow And Expensive


5-10+ days

to settle a claim

$ 400-600+

in staff, storage, & towing fees

4+ handoffs

including towing, storage yard, repair shop, and more


Insurance Carriers

Insurance Carriers

Over 5000 auto insurance firms worldwide seeking ways to better manage claim costs.

Claims Processing Firms & TPAs

Claims Processing Firms

Which often assist carriers with claims servicing and automation.

Insurance Customers

Insurance Customers

Who are eager for quick answers after an accident so they can get back on the road.


Reduce claim processing time by up to 50%

Claim Genius can eliminate unnecessary towing, appraisal, and administrative touches.

Reduce claim costs (LAE) by up to 50%

By speeding up the claims process, Claim Genius can reduce unnecessary expenses such as teardown, replacement rental fees, and storage expenses (up to $300 per claim in US, or $10B industry-wide per yr).

Increase claim accuracy

Our powerful AI engine looks at millions of similar claims to make estimates with accuracy and consistency above 90%.

Increase customer retention

Claim Genius’s instant feedback to insureds on claims can improve customer satisfaction, especially among increasingly digital savvy users.

Attract new customers

Claim Genius’s customer focused and easy to use technology offers a distinctive new marketing opportunity for carriers.



Claim Genius’s flagship claim estimation system for carriers
  • Uses latest AI technology to allow carriers to make instant decisions on total loss and damage estimates based on photos & videos uploaded from Claim Genius’s self-guided Genius APP
  • Easy to integrate and white label into carrier systems
  • Multilanguage compatible
  • Available globally today
GeniusCLAIM mobile


Claim Genius’s pre-inspection workflow solution for carriers
  • Allows carriers to make an instant decision on break-in policy renewals
  • Provides suite of tools to allow carriers to capture and manage vehicle pre-inspection data and damage imagery via our self-guided Genius APP
  • Easy to integrate and white label into existing policy workflows
  • Multilanguage compatible
  • Available globally today
  • Easy upgrade to GeniusCLAIM solution


Claim Genius’s patent pending AI technology provides the industry’s fastest and most accurate damage estimates, using the latest high performance cloud frameworks.

  • Neural Network Image Analysis
  • Multi Model AI Estimation Engines
  • Modular Plug & Play Architecture
  • High Performance Cloud Hosting


Claim Genius’s AI technology is also driving efficiencies into the Recycling & Salvage industries. Our advanced solutions help auction companies improve the accuracy and speed of salvage bids and parts grading, and recyclers with parts resale and pricing:

  • Claim Genius’s recommended salvage bid solution for auction yards
  • Leverages the Genius AI Engine to allow auction companies to help carriers set minimum salvage bids
  • Claim Genius’s instant bidding system for recyclers
  • Leverages the Genius AI Engine to provide recyclers with tools to quick and accurately assess damaged vehicles and potentially resalable parts