Genius Suite


Claim Genius’s AI technology is also driving efficiencies into the Recycling & Salvage industries. Our advanced solutions help auction companies improve the accuracy and speed of salvage bids and parts grading, and recyclers with parts resale and pricing.



Claim Genius’s recommended salvage bid solution for auction yards
  • Leverages the Genius AI Engine to allow auction companies to help carriers set minimum salvage bids
  • Increases asset value and enhances hold or sell decisions.
  • Predictive salvage value can work in connection with an insurers early tow program to more accurately facilitate the correct movement of the vehicle from the scene of the accident.
  • Available mid 2019


Claim Genius’s instant bidding system for recyclers
  • Leverages the Genius AI Engine to provide recyclers with tools to quick and accurately assess damaged vehicles and potentially resalable parts
  • Includes bidding application that can be integrated into recycler management systems to produce personalized predictive salvage values of vehicles
  • Automated parts grading and condition assessment can often eliminate recycler’s inspection, dismantling and inventory process, reducing administrative time and costs
  • Available mid 2019