URG Expand Conference 2019

With the ever-changing rate of information and technology advances in our world today, expanding the possibilities in our businesses is required to stay successful. Continually re-thinking our business activities, updating our perspectives, and adapting to rapidly changing needs in the industry is necessary to both survive and thrive. The organizations that can not only think “Out of the Box,” but can act on that creativity will have a marked advantage in expanding their possibilities. URG is committed to providing speakers, sessions, and networking events at our annual educational conference to help you and your business expand your possibilities for the future. URG is the best educational conference in the auto recycling industry!


WHERE: April 11-13, 2019

WHEN: Orlando, FL

Claim Genius was a part of this platform that encourages out of the box thinking and application of innovative ideas to real life needs. Given the urgent need to be conscious of the waste that we generate and have more awareness toward recycling, Claim Genius was happy to showcase how we can make the process of salvaging and recycling of automobile parts a less stressful process with the help of AI.

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