About Us

Based in New Jersey, USA, with development centres in Nagpur & Hyderabad, Claim Genius Inc is a rapidly emerging leader of AI-based claims solutions for the auto insurance industry. We believe AI has the potential to make our lives simpler and leave you free to focus your time on more important matters.  Using Claim Genius’s patent-pending image analysis and predictive analytics tools, carriers can provide instant damage estimates and rapid processing of claims. All you need to do is upload accident photos from our easy to use mobile app. Claim Genius aims to reduce claims processing time, increase carrier profitability, and revolutionise the claims experience for insurance customers worldwide. Claim Genius Makes Touchless Claims A Reality.

Our expertise is in gleaning the most benefits from the ever-evolving Artificial Intelligence. We strive to make complex tasks and processes easier, user-friendly and more intuitive. Our team knows just where to integrate AI to make Insurance Claims, Salvaging and Recycling a seamless experience for you.

We are active participants and contributors in the AI/ML community. Our team is always eager to update our knowledge with state-of-the-art advancements in touchless claims, damage assessment, and optimized recycling.

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Our high-performance team is focused on innovation and finding critical solutions in building next-gen technology that will disrupt the automotive insurance industry.

We work together as a single functioning unit to ensure our AI skills are razor-sharp and dynamic. To share our knowledge and interact with our industry peers, our team attends various events and corporate mixers. We have been a part of several notable gatherings, such as the Connected Insurance USA, InsureTech Connect 2019, and many more.

Claim Genius Team



Claim Genius's Global Development & Innovation Center is located at Artefact Towers at Chhatrapati Square in Nagpur, India