About Claim Genius

Claim Genius Inc is one of the leading artificial intelligence claims organisations. Based in New Jersey, USA, we have development centres in Nagpur & Hyderabad. We provide auto insurance by innovating the use of AI. Because we want you to focus only on the crucial tasks, it is our goal that our AI handles all the complexities.

Our aim is to provide touchless claims for carriers. Using Claim Genius’s patent-pending image analysis and predictive analytics tools, carriers can provide instant damage estimates (GeniusPREINSPECT) and rapid claims processing (GeniusCLAIM). We offer to reduce claims processing time, increase carrier profitability, and revolutionise the claims experience.

Our expertise is in skilfully coupling AI and claims processing. By integrating AI in all the right places, we make claims processing, damage assessment, and recycling a smooth experience.

We are also active members of the AI and ML community. Our team keeps up with all the latest growth in AI claims management, damage assessment, and fast recycling.

You can find all of our latest news on our News & Events page.


Claim Genius is led by a highly skilled executive team with deep fintech, data science, offshoring, and startup experience


Our distinguished team is focused on innovation and creativity. We are all about finding critical solutions and building next-gen technology. One of our objectives is to introduce tools and services in the market that will disrupt the auto claims industry. Through efficient training data sets and impeccable data accuracy, Claim Genius has created an accident claims management system that helps nurture the carrier-insured relationship.

We work together as one single unit and ensure that our AI skills are current. To share knowledge and exchange ideas with our peers, we attend several events and corporate mixers. As a result, we have been a part of many notable gatherings, including the Connected Insurance USA, InsureTech Connect, and more.

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Claim Genius is powered by a diverse board with decades of experience in the insurance, salvage, and recycling industries


Claim Genius's premises in India are located at Hyderabad and Nagpur
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