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Inspection Metrics Allied Market Researcg 2019 Data - AI Technology

However, manual inspections are proving to be a lengthy and costly affair amounting to a whopping $ 45.42bn* for insurance claims alone.

lack of inspection - AI Technology

There’s a serious lack of inspection consistency across the value chain.

Time and cost - AI Technology

Time, cost, and efficiency remain the top concerns in vehicle inspections.

Touchless inspections - AI Technology

Touchless inspections seem like a utopia. However, today’s customers are responding well to the hybrid models.

trained staff - AI Technology

The automotive evolution and complexity has lead to a scarcity of trained appraisal staff as the industry resources are still limited.

The Power of GeniusAI

Delivering industry-leading AI accuracy and damage detection capabilities.

AI accuracy - AI Technology

85%+ AI accuracy for Sedan / SUV / Hatchback.

Smart association - AI Technology

Smart association detection of non-visible parts.

Wheel mirror misalignment - AI Technology

Wheel, mirror, misalignment, damage detection.

license - AI Technology

Auto decode of license, odometer, and VIN.

internal and external parts - AI Technology

Support for over 200 internal and external parts.

Active feedback - AI Technology

Active feedback with visual damage editor.

Zoomed photo - AI Technology

Zoomed photo handling.

False positive - AI Technology

False positive suppression.

Video processing support - AI Technology

Video processing support.

Built on GeniusAI

A single automated inspections platform across the automotive sector to deliver instant damage assessments. Committed to deliver impact with significant reductions in time and cost and highly improved accuracy.

Tested and validated AI damage estimation engine with over 95% vehicle coverage.

Easy and intuitive dashboard to quickly and efficiently review, adjust, modify, and approve estimates.

A white labeled app that allows users to capture images & videos of damaged vehicles.

Easy to integrate APIs within your existing  inspection systems.

technology Built on GeniusAI - AI Technology

Making instant decision making possible

Using photos or video GeniusAI will identify damages to the vehicle by defining them into 4 categories.

No damage category - AI Technology

No damage

Repair category - AI Technology

Repair (Further defined: scratch, tear, dent, other)

Damagge not detected category - AI Technology

Damage not detected

Replace category - AI Technology

Replace (determined by the extent of these damages: scratch, tear, dent, other)

Photo Guided Inspections - AI Technology

CG’s technology adopted by market leaders

Claim Genius Technology Adopters - AI Technology
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