ClaimGenius Partnership with Repairify

Repairify partnership with Claim Genius

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Repairify and Claim Genius Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Automotive Claims Processing

Claim Genius, a global leader in AI-driven damage assessment and claim estimation solutions, and Repairify, the global leader in remote diagnostics, calibrations, programming, and automotive intelligence for the collision, glass, and mechanical repair industries, proudly announce an innovative new partnership. This collaboration will transform automotive collision repairs and claims processing by dramatically increasing efficiency and accuracy throughout the estimating and repair process.

Claim Genius’ AI photo estimating will be integrated with Repairify’s diagnostic scanning and AI-generated collision repair recommendations. This will provide shops with a holistic AI-driven estimating and repair planning process that automatically assesses external damage and required internal repairs. Tasks that could take several hours can be completed with this integration in a few minutes, streamlining the estimating and claims process.

Optimized Repair Planning and Accelerated Claims Processing

Integrating Claim Genius’ AI-powered damage assessment technology with Repairify’s diagnostic capabilities will dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy in evaluating automotive damages and repair planning. In turn, these improvements will significantly accelerate claims processing times.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The partnership will also enable more informed risk assessments and claims resolutions. The vast amounts of information both companies generate will facilitate smarter, data-driven decision-making for insurers and repair service providers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Overall, this collaboration’s primary focus is to improve the satisfaction of end-users by leveraging technology and data to simplify complex procedures. Customers will benefit from a smoother and more transparent claims process, with quicker approvals and reduced turnaround times for repairs.

Global Impact

Claim Genius and Repairify’s collaboration is not limited to a specific market. The partnership aims to bring these advanced solutions to insurers and repair facilities worldwide to foster innovation and efficiency on a global scale.

“This strategic partnership with Repairify marks a significant milestone for Claim Genius as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI in the automotive industry. By combining our expertise with Repairify’s proven diagnostic solutions, we are poised to revolutionize the claims processing ecosystem,” said Raj Pofale, CEO of Claim Genius.

“Collaborating with Claim Genius will enable our customers to diagnose, estimate, and plan repairs with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Through this partnership, we’re creating the best possible repair experience for everyone from repairers to insurers to drivers.” Said Cris Hollingsworth, President of Repairify Holdings Inc.

About Claim Genius

Claim Genius is a global provider of AI solutions for damage assessments and claims estimation in the automotive industry. The company’s cutting-edge technology uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to automate and optimize the claims processing workflow, improving accuracy and efficiency.

About Repairify

Repairify, Inc. and its family of brands empower the automotive repair industry to master today’s modern, data-intensive vehicles. By providing revolutionary OEM tools and validated OEM-compatible technology, services, and intelligence, Repairify helps automotive professionals run better businesses through improved diagnostics, calibrations, programming, and workflows. Repairify’s brands are committed to vehicle and driver safety by providing repairers with excellent service supported by the highest quality and precision tools, technology, and data.

Repairify, Inc. is a portfolio company of Kinderhook Industries, LLC. The Repairify family includes asTech, adasThink, AutoMobile Technologies (AMT), Automotive Training Group (ATG), BlueDriver, FleetGenix, MobileTechRX, and One Guard Inspections. For more information, please visit

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