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Software Genius: Quest of Infinite Computing Power with Predictive Analytics

The rise of infinite power of historical data has proven to be the ammunition in the hands of data miners. The cloud computing and multiple techniques developed to mine data for vital, actionable insights have led to this notion. The mirage of large and diverse data sets that could be turned into valuable information has compelled businesses to bring in big technologies. When these technologies fail to bring in the desired results, one needs to set certain features with clockwise precision. Software Genius inc. (SGI) a US based company with development center in Nagpur, India brings in the powerful ensemble of predictive data and image analysis to forth.

CIOInsider - Infinite Computing Power with Predictive Analytics - SGI

With diverse applications and domains as diverse as finance, cosmetics and auto-insurances, SGI organizes, analyzes and monetizes data for clients with its models. With its potential data scientist experts, the company visualizes the hidden problems that the clients fail to comprehend and hence fail to monetize the historical data that are actually their assets. SGI proffers an agile iterative method on an approach that engages with any client and works with the client whether on-site or remotely as they are cloud based systems. The company engages with client’s business stakeholders as well as technology stakeholders to put a collaborative functional and technological architecture to provide holistic guidance. The combined stakeholder perspective along with data analytics provides powerful detailed documentation of these analyses of the client.

Business Analytics Design for Profit Projections

The role of prediction and analytics is probably best capitalized in the Auto-insurance sector. The lack of estimating the amount and type of damage done to vehicles during accidents induce hefty loss to these auto-insurers. SGI’s Claim Genius (CGI), Claim Genius is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology startup company with a niche in image and predictive analytics. Claim Genius’s patent pending technology is bringing forth a new comprehensive automated approach for automobile insurers to handle and manage the automobile claims process. This comprehensive automated application facilitates the carrier receiving the 1st notice of loss, instant vehicle damage appraisal, instantly provides information to determine repair versus total loss, provides a predictive salvage value and effectively establishes an insurer early tow program. Claim Genius’s white labelled mobile app and image processing and deep machine learning technological innovation is designed to reduce cycle time, human intervention in the claims process, reduce claim operational costs; thus ultimately transforming the current claims handling process into a more efficient, time sensitive and customer friendly process. Claim Genius’s vision is to make the ‘Touchless Claims a Reality’.

SGI organizes, analyzes and monetizes data for clients with its models

Claim Genius’s Image Analyzer app is an insurance industry game changer. It helps reduce operational cost, simplifies the claim process and improves the claim experience for consumers, adjusters and recyclers. The company is committed to leading the industry in creating innovative technology for insurance companies, the auto recycling industry and other business partners involved in the automobile insurance claims process.

Yet another role of analysis and prediction can be witnessed with the corollary of the following scenario: at the end of a project, a team might have built the software it was asked to build, but till the time it took to create, business realities made the incubation of software difficult and misaligned. With displaced business realities, the products stand irrelevant and the organization spending in futile time and money. This scenario certainly calls for the implementation of Scrum. SGI’s Scrum most articulately seeps agility with three roles; Product Owner, Team and Scrum Master. All these are guided by predictive analysis and sequestration. The scrum emphasizes empirical feedback, team self management, and strives to build properly tested product increments within short iterations. This facilitates continuous integration and SGI ensures procedural follow-ups with varied tests.

Typically, an enterprise has existing legacy applications and databases and wants to continue to use them while adding or migrating to a new set of applications that exploit the Internet, e-commerce, extranet, and other new technologies. By focusing on varied industries like finance, insurance and cross industry areas, SGI continues to empower these sectors with its predictive and analytics application solution -Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), in the market. EAI involves developing a new view of an enterprise’s business and its applications, predicting how existing applications fits into the newer concept, and devising ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new applications and data.

The Predictive Analytics Space

SGI work process is solicited by evaluating, designing and implementing the proper software solutions throughout the enterprise meeting time and expectation deadlines.

Software Genius Inc with its APIs can considerably tweak the hidden assets that clients fail to recognize and incur significant loss. With a powerful geographic outreach and partnership, SGI focuses on the data science and predictive analytic space with continuous integration of end-to-end automation solutions from development to deployment. SGI works with diverse technologies like Python, tensorflow, Kafka, Keras, Language R with variety of predictive algorithms. In addition to data analytics SGI also provides Web and mobile application development services.

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