ITC Las Vegas 2020

InsureTech Connect is world-renowned insurtech event organized with the intention of opening the doors to the largest and most comprehensive gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors and insurance industry incumbents from across the globe.

It is a haven for industry execs, investors and entrepreneurs interested in bettering the insurance experience.

Important Covid Update

The audience is the crux of all ITC events. It is the flow of ideas and innovation that makes InsureTech Connect what it is. Although the city of Las Vegas has slowly started opening up, it is observed that attendees and people in general are a bit apprehensive about gathering in large numbers.

Here is what ITC has to say on the matter:

“What the above tells us is that under all circumstances, ITC cannot be what we have been planning for it to be, and we do not want people who are unable or reluctant to attend in person to feel excluded.
Additionally, we have asked ourselves, what does an in-person event look like? For example, how does social distancing work in a conference setting? What additional safety measures are required to create the best environment possible? While we feel comfortable that we could create a safe environment, we are not sure that it is the type of environment to create the experience and value you have come to expect.
Given what we know and what we don’t know, we have decided to invest heavily in creating a unique digital experience worthy of the ITC name. Traveling to Las Vegas for ITC is a special experience, and we can never replace that digitally, but we are going to try our hardest!”

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