AI Technology

Claim Genius’s patent pending AI technology provides the industry’s fastest and most accurate damage estimates, using the latest high performance cloud frameworks. We believe Artificial Intelligence has the power to transform the entire Auto Claims industry. For better claims experience, AI is the way to go. We also use latest AI techniques to make salvaging and damage assessment easier.

Neural Network Image Analysis

Claim Genius unique and powerful AI stack uses sophisticated object detection and image analysis algorithms to instantly identify vehicle damage, position, severity, and lists of affected parts, including hidden damage deep inside the vehicle.

Multi Model AI Estimation Engines

Our damage estimation technology is powered by over 30 proprietary AI models which have been trained using a large number of historic claims records. Our engines have seen almost every type of vehicle damage, and have scanned vehicle inspection checklists countless times, allowing us to appraise new claims with over 80% accuracy.

Modular Plug & Play Architecture

The Claim Genius stack can be easily integrated into existing carrier apps and workflows using our suite of APIs and web services. And our team of AI engineers and data scientists is on hand to help you every step of the way.

High Performance Cloud Hosting

We leverage the latest in high performance CPU/GPU technology from Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure with enterprise class redundancy and security.


Genius Features_Instant Damage Pricing

Instant Damage Pricing

CG’s powerful AI engine can predict total loss and repairability estimates with > 90% accuracy in under 10 seconds

Genius Features_Position Detection

Position Detection

Our image analysis algorithms can automatically detect the section of the vehicle being photographed

Genius Features_Severity Analysis

Severity Analysis

Sophisticated image filters can instantly identify and quantify the severity of vehicle damage and map out affected parts

Genius Features_Mobile Smart Guides

Mobile Smart Guides

Assist customers in taking vehicle photos with their smartphones using our integrated camera smart guides

Genius Features_Hidden Damage Inspection

Hidden Damage Detection

Identify areas of hidden damage that may not be evident based on photo analysis alone

Genius Features_Instant Preinspection

Instant Preinspection

Automates the preinspection process, thus enabling AI underwriting decisions

Genius Features_Faud Detection

Fraud Detection

Prevent insurance fraud via automated photo validation of insured vehicles before processing accident claims

Genius Features_Telematics Integration

Telematics Integration

Integrate CG with telematics data to further augment estimate accuracy (future)

Genius AI Workflow_Logo


Move your claims process into the fast lane

1 - AI Technology Insured Takes Accident Photo / Video with GeniusAPP

AI Technology - Genius Workflow - 01

2 - AI Technology Images Ingested / Prepped by Genius AI Engine

Damage Analysis and Views

3 - AI Technology Car vs Non-Car Images Identified & Filtered

AI Technology - Genius Workflow - 03

4 - AI Technology Car Positions Detected & De-Duped

AI Technology - Genius Workflow - 04

5 - AI Technology Damage Severity Assessed With Patent Pending AI Technology

Inspect for Claims Backend Dashboard - AI Technology

6 - AI Technology Damage Estimates Computed Based on Millions of Comparable Claims

7 - AI Technology Total / Repairable Assessment Provided to Carrier l

Inspect for Underwriting Backend Dashboard - AI Technology

8 - AI Technology Claim Routing & Resolution Provided to Insured

Claim Processing Resolution
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