Claims Automation Webinar

Claim Genius Invites You To A Webinar On Claims Automation & Processing

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Presenters included Olivier Baudoux, Senior Vice President of Global Product Strategy and Artificial Intelligence for Mitchell International; Jimmy Spears, Head of Automotive for Tractable; and Raj Pofale, Founder and CEO of Claim Genius.

The object of this  CIECAST claims automation webinar was to discuss how rapid technology adoption during the pandemic has set the stage for breakthrough advancements in the way claims are handled. We further highlighted the importance of an open, flexible and scalable technology platform.

“COVID-19 and changing consumer preferences have accelerated the auto insurance industry’s shift toward claims automation,” said Baudoux.  “To support new virtual workflows, images and artificial intelligence (AI) have become essential to the vehicle appraisal process. When combined with the latest technology and data, this gives insurance carriers and collision repairers the ability to accelerate the creation of an estimate and optimize the cycle time and consumer experience.”

Topics Covered In This Webinar on Claims Automation and Its Impact

    1. Benefits of AI-enabled claims processing,
    2. Opportunities to apply automation at key decision points in the claims journey.
    3. Accuracy of AI predictions and recommendations.
    4. Role of the appraiser and AI in virtual, guided and touchless estimating,
    5. How CIECA Standards may play a role in the future.

The full claims automation webinar has now been released! Watch the entire webinar:

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