Claim Genius is a part of TCS BaNCS Ecosystem

Claim Genius Joins The TCS BaNCS Ecosystem

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A large part of ensuring continual growth in the insurtech industry is participating in industry ecosystems. Only then can thought leaders and members of the industry share the proverbial pie. With our strategic partnerships and associations, we have always paved the way for further innovation and development.

Now, we are glad to announce another valued association: with TCS BaNCS. Claim Genius is now a proud part of the TCS BaNCS Ecosystem.

A lot of our industry niches today are driven by the target audience demands and requirements. TCS BaNCS is a platform which offers banks and financial firms solutions that help them leverage the innovations emerging in the world of technology. The TCS BaNCS ecosystem aims to nurture a n environment of self-service and collaboration.

Solution and Technology Partners of TCS BaNCS

Like every other sector, including auto insurance, the fintech experience is poised to benefit hugely from cutting edge technology, innovative customer journey mapping, value for money, and clean and simpler customer experiences. The ecosystem, in its own way, connects, evaluates and curates innovative solutions offered by their fintech and insurtech partners to bring to light new OpenX solutions. These solutions jointly add tremendous value to banks and financial institutions.

Claim Genius is happy to be associated with the TCS BaNCS ecosystem. With this connection, we will help drive growth in the insurtech industry through collaborative technological solutions.

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