Merimen and Claim Genius to Launch Artificial Intelligence Solution for Auto Claims

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Claim Genius and Merimen Technologies, a market leader in providing SaaS platform for Insurance Ecosystems, announced the signing of an strategic agreement for P&C Insurance services enterprises. As part of this agreement, Merimen will bring Claim Genius’s real time damage estimates for passenger vehicles into its TrueSightTM suite of analytics products. Merimen will then introduce it to its network of global and regional insurance carriers across 10 countries. This new product, TrueSightTM AI Imaging, will have an integrated workflow solution. It will drive better efficiencies, speed, accuracy and productivity improvements for the automobile insurance services sector. Once the service is implemented, clients will be able to get an instant estimate for repair of the damaged vehicle. The solution will deliver this by utilizing the initial photographs or videos of the accident vehicles.

Merimen CG Partnership

CEOs Speak

“We are very excited to announce this partnership with Merimen”, said Raj Pofale, Founder and CEO of Claim Genius. “The auto claims industry is in the midst of a global revolution, driven by advancements in digital and mobile technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Claim Genius is leading the charge of this transformation through our advanced product capabilities and growing list of technology and delivery partnerships across the entire claims ecosystem. Today Claim Genius is working with large customers in 7 different geographies and becoming a global platform. This partnership will further enable us to scale this vision and truly make touchless claims a reality for our customers worldwide.”

“Our vision is to help reduce claims costs and to drive better efficiencies for our clients.  Through TrueSightTM,  a curated suite of AI solutions integrated with Merimen’s platform. Merimen aims to stay at the technology frontier by providing new and relevant AI solutions to our clients. This partnership with ClaimGenius is another example of Merimen bringing better accuracy and efficiency of the claims management process.”

– Trevor Lok, CEO of Merimen Technologies.

About Merimen®

Merimen is a market leader in providing a collaborative and information exchange platform for the insurance industry. It offers its solutions in 10 countries across Asia and UAE. They are pioneers in offering Software as a Service (SaaS) for the motor insurance industry. Merimen has successfully deployed this model throughout the insurance ecosystem communities. They enable their clients to grow without disproportionate overheads. Merimen provides rapid transformation capabilities with lower risks and predictable cost using their potent infrastructure.

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