Interview With Raj Pofale

Ernie Bray of ACD Interviews Raj Pofale

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Raj says, ‘I have worked as a technology executive for the last 22 years now. The entrepreneur burn has always been there in me. I wanted to do something disruptive, something innovative and that’s when the insurance industry attracted me. I feel this industry has needed innovation and disruption for a long, long time.’

Ernie Bray of AutoClaims Direct interviewed Claim Genius Founder and CEO, Raj Pofale. They discussed about the spark that gave rise to Claim Genius, about the entrepreneurial spirit, and a little bit about the use of artificial intelligence as a disruptive element in the fields of insurance claims, salvaging & leasing, and intelligent recycling.

Ernie asks, “What does Claim Genius do and how does it affect the industry?”

Raj Pofale: “Claim Genius is very much focused on the auto-insurance claims space as well as some of the other use cases such as leasing and rental, the underwriting and other fields where everyone basically wants to do an assessment on the vehicle.

Watch the full interview below:

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