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Artificial Intelligence technology is transforming the world as we know it. Whether through self driving cars, personalized movie recommendations on Netflix, automated investment management through “robo-advisors”, and the like, AI is allowing businesses to streamline business processes, drive new efficiencies, and make faster decisions. The transformation is extending into the world of auto insurance, with carriers now using AI to automate everything from underwriting decisions, to document processing, to claims assessments and line-by-line estimates.

Webinar Introduction to Automated Claims Processing using Claim Genius

Learn more about how AI is revolutionizing auto insurance in this informative webinar with Raj Pofale, the CEO & Founder of Claim Genius, the world leader in AI vehicle damage assessment technology.

Webinar: Introduction to AI Claims Processing using Claim Genius
Date: June 17, 2020
Time: 2pm TRT (+3 GMT)

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Key Topics of the Webinar:
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence
  • How can AI automate vehicle underwriting & claims
  • Business benefits of using AI technology
  • How to deploy AI in your organization today

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