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Introducing A Reformative Way of Recycling

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Reforming Recycling: Upcoming AI Powered Solutions to Facilitate Recycling and Salvaging

Effective waste management is crucial in the current scenario of climate change and limited availability of resources. Just as it is important to ensure that you take the right measure immediately after an accident, it is of utmost importance to ensure that you use every available resource to its maximum potential. As consumer awareness regarding sustainability increases, corporate bodies and businesses alike are likely to be held more accountable for their decisions and actions than before.

In today’s day and age, the phrase ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ holds much more significance and conveys a greater sense of urgency. Efficiency and accuracy in terms of both time and results are more important than ever in this fast-paced landscape with limited availability of both resources and time.

Stakeholders in the automotive industry must accept the onus and take steps to ensure that car parts are properly salvaged, reused, or recycled. Some parts can be easily reused than the rest. Tires for instance, can be re-purposed into a variety of things, including furniture, exercise equipment and even pet beds. Other components such as engines and batteries require more careful assessment for damage and potential for reuse. The manual processes used conventionally are anything but time efficient, causing delays and often cutting down on profit margins for salvage yards and auction yards. Similarly, for consumers who wish to recycle the components of their cars too, conventional methods such as inspection by an expert take a considerable amount of both time and effort. Selling recyclable parts too, is a task on its own, and the search for prospective buyers is limited by geographical location.

We at Claim Genius are dedicated to expediting crucial processes to ensure maximum efficiency and profits for all our clientele. Whether you own a salvage yard, and auction yard or are simply seeking an efficient way to recycle your old car, we have you covered. Our range of solutions will soon expand to include GeniusSALVAGE and GeniusRECYCLE. These AI powered solutions are built to ensure optimum efficacy and ease of usage.


How can GeniusSALVAGE help in Recycling?

At the core of GeniusSALVAGE is efficiency. This solution aims to speed up the process of determining the value and salvageability of car components. This enables stakeholders such as salvage yards and auction yards to take faster decisions, offer bids to carriers and promptly prepare vehicles for auction. The turnaround time and usage of resources such as human effort are reduced greatly. The process is simple but effective. One only needs to upload photos of new carrier assignments via our Genius APP or the yard’s existing app or APIs. Let Claim Genius’ Al technology take over. Our extensively trained AI powered APP will instantly and accurately identify vehicle damage, severity, affected parts, and guaranteed bid based on yard-defined thresholds/rules. With this crucial information available at a significantly faster speed, yards can save up to 50% of their processing time and costs, which will boost their revenues. Additionally, the process of integrating Claim Genius into existing workflows is fast and easy with the help of our GeniusAPls and the guidance of our expert engineering team, who are always happy to help every unique client with their requirements.


Likewise, GeniusRECYCLE aids recyclers and firms in ensuring that they obtain the most profitable bids and gain a wider range of bidders, even from remote locations.

The easy to use process requires the user to upload photos of the vehicle via our Genius APP or firm’s existing app or APIs. Then, Claim Genius’ Al technology instantly and accurately identifies vehicle damage, severity, affected parts, and parts grading based on customer-defined thresholds/rules, which reduces time and energy consumed by conventional and manual methods of damage and value assessment.  This not only enables individuals or firms to save up to 50% of processing time and cost but also easily facilitates participation of remote bidders.

Both these solutions will include a white labelled mobile app and cloud-based AI platform, streamlined customer onboarding and customization. They will also be able to serve a global audience as these solutions are built for multilingual compatibility and are slated for release in mid-2020.

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