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How Claim Genius Facilitates Touchless Claims

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Need to file a claim? GenuisCLAIM changes the game

The rapidly developing technological advances come with a plethora of benefits. Faster communication and the availability of in-depth information at your fingertips is one of them. No field has been left unchanged and technology has become indispensable at both micro and macro- levels. But when it comes to certain crucial processes like claiming insurance, the current instantly available services only intensify the feelings of uncertainty and frustration at the slow pace of passing a claim. Not investing in an insurance can harm you, but those who are insured are not safe from the tedious process of settling claims.

Some of the common issues people face in this process are:

  • Excruciatingly slow process
  • Redundant documentation
  • Multiple hand-offs
  • Confusion due to lack of clarity
  • Disruptive nature of the process
  • Administrative bottlenecks
  • Low claim amounts
  • Unsatisfactory services

As the process itself costs the insured person a lot of time and money, most people shudder at the thought of having to file a claim.

We at Claim Genius say no more long waits, no more confusion, and no more road blocks. Our AI provides touchless claims, a vague concept that we have implemented to reality.

We understand your needs and also your concerns. After an accident, it is necessary for you to take immediate stock of the damage. But this is also a situation which has caused a sense of dread and urgency. In this critical phase, you can count on our AI-powered technology!

What we can do for you:

Claim Genius aims to provide our clients with the best possible, hassle-free, touchless claims process, and aim to reduce claims time and cost by 50%. Our goal is to reduce claims processing time, increase carrier profitability, and make the claims experience a positive one for insurance customers worldwide.

With GenuisCLAIM, a part of our Genius Suite, we provide a comprehensive flagship estimation solution system for carriers. GenuisCLAIM also includes white labelled mobile app and cloud-based AI platform. Our patent-pending image analysis and predictive analytics tools will help carriers to provide instant damage estimates and rapid processing of claims. This is achieved with the help of our easy to use, self-guided mobile app, GeniusAPP, which can be used to capture and upload accident photos and videos. Additionally, our tech is easy to integrate with carrier systems, estimatics data, and workflows. We also offer a streamlined customer onboarding and customization experience.

If AI powered technology are the brains of Claim Genius services, offering the Client-Centric services are at the heart. Thus, we have put in a lot of care to make sure that GeniusCLAIM is compatible with a multilingual audience.

No tool is useful unless you can use it immediately when you need it.

GeniusCLAIM is available instantly, worldwide.

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