Will AI steal my Job?

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It might seem that Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm and is being used everywhere. Some everyday examples include suggestions for your next movie or TV show on your Netflix account and voice powered assistants like Siri and Alexa. Other uses of AI are much more intimidating, take self-driven cars for example.Blog05 Will AI steal my Job 1 - Will AI steal my Job?

What will the future look like?

How will AI change things?

And most importantly, Will AI steal my Job?

These are some questions that are might pop up in your mind when you see or read something about how rapidly AI is developing and how it is going to change the world as we know it. Whether we like it or not, whether it makes us uneasy or excited, AI technology will continue to develop and be integrated into most aspects of our lives. Today, both big and small businesses are making use of the potential of AI to provide the best possible services to their clients and make life easier.

How does this work and how will it affect your job? Let’s tackle this terrifying question with an example of how our AI powered mobile App does its job.

We at Claim Genius use the power of AI to make the tedious process of auto insurance claims faster, better and more accessible. Our powerful tools instantly identify vehicle damage, position, severity, and lists of affected parts, including hidden damage deep inside the vehicle. How does this work?

The first thing about our AI technology that you need to know is that it needs to be trained so that it can identify damages. We accomplished this by training our AI with a vast amount of historic claims records. Due to this effort, our engines have seen almost every type of vehicle damage. This ensures that we are capable of appraising new claims with over 90% accuracy. Thus, with this and our sophisticated object detection and image analysis algorithms, we are able to provide you with instant damage estimates and rapid processing of claims based on the accident photos that you can upload from our easy to use mobile app. To learn more, you can always visit our Technology page.

Now that you know how AI must be trained using a large amount of data to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency, let’s talk about what AI cannot do and why your job is safer than you think it is.

The kind of Jobs that AI and Automation would take over would be of the following type

  • Repetitive tasks
  • Jobs that can be done effectively by following a script (telemarketing calls)
  • Jobs that do not require direct human interaction.

AI cannot replace the human abilities of compassion, human to human interaction and creativity. While there may be fields where AI will be used as a tool to facilitate humans to do their job more effectively, AI cannot replace the experience of one to one human interaction. Certain jobs will always require high emotional quotient, strategic planning and creation. For example, a teacher, a counsellor or a health caregiver.

Do not be afraid of AI and cyborgs taking over the world! AI is a tool to help take care of the more routine, repetitive and hassle-filled tasks so that you can engage in something more fulfilling. Our app is built on these principles- Accessible and Immediate. We value your experience and your time.

We do our job, so you can do yours without the lingering tension of your insurance claim dragging on!

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