URG Annual Training Conference 2021 - Raj Pofale Speaks

URG Annual Training Conference

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About The URG Annual Training Conference

The intent behind the URG Annual Training Conference 2021 (titled, ‘The Challenge of Change’) is to recognize how the auto insurance industry is undergoing radical changes, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. The team behind URG uses this platform to recognize the incredible innovation and changes that have been ushered into the auto insurance industry.  The URG 2021 conference pushes insurtechs to come out of their shells and claim the new normal instead of dwelling on how the current scenario feels unwelcome.

When: 5 – 7 August 2021

Where: Dallas, Texas

The URG 2021 Conference is sure to inspire, inform, encourage, and challenge you during these difficult times. With 2 full days of stellar educational sessions, top-notch speakers, superior industry vendors, and exciting networking events, the URG Conference will guide the industry through the challenges of change to discover the true “New Normal.”

Raj Pofale , Founder and CEO of  Claim Genius, will also speak at the URG Annual Training Conference 2021. He will speak on how we use AI to revolutionize the Auto Insurance industry.

Our Auto Insurance Solutions

The Genius Suite is a set of our flagship AI-based products that help make touchless claims a reality. The GeniusCLAIM solution is our solution to faster and more accurate claims estimation and processing. GeniusPREINSPECT offers a more efficient and intelligent vehicle damage inspection that helps you make quick repair / replace decisions. Products in the Genius Suite are white-labelled and can be effortlessly integrated on carriers’ pre-existing auto claims systems. The interface to these products is an intuitive and user-friendly mobile AI app that makes an insurance carrier’s work easier and helps drive better customer satisfaction.

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